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Student Support Services

Morton East Support Services

Welcome to Morton East Student Support Services!

Our School Social Workers, School Psychologists, Speech Pathologist, and Special Education Administrators support the individual educational and mental health needs of Morton East students and their families.  

Student Support Services Staff












Megan Stachura

Special Education Coordinator



Ext. 2333



Randy Blaszczyk

Speech Pathologist



Ext. 2345



James Loerzel

School Psychologist



Ext. 2219



Joscelyn Rivera

Social Worker


Ext. 2220



Erica Hade

Social Worker


Ext. 2653



Luis Castanon

Social Worker



Ext. 2957



Claudia Campos

Social Worker



Ext. 2347



Kathryn Reichel

Social Worker



Ext. 2955


Mental Health Resources

Resource Guide

Guía de Recursos