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Welcome to Fine Arts at Morton East

Mission and Vision

What is the mission of the Morton East fine arts department?

The Mission of the Fine Arts Department is to foster creativity in students by providing challenging and engaging experiences that develop and refine student skills, confidence, appreciation and ability to create and perform.

What is the vision of the Morton East fine arts department?

The Fine Art Department empowers students to express who they are through the creation of works or performances that demonstrate how they have become confident, collaborative, and innovative thinkers and problem solvers who live creative lives.

  • Students are confident in their ability to express themselves through visual artworks and performances.
  • Students interact in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while promoting independent thinking.
  • Students create and perform culturally relevant works that are relevant to the larger community.
  • Students experience the inter-connectedness of the Arts.
  • Students harness technology as an engine of the creative process.
  • Students learn how art has shaped the fabric of society and influenced world culture.
  • Through modeling and performing, Fine Arts teachers demonstrate the richness that is a creative life

Mr. Kevin Vesper

Director of Social Sciences and Fine Arts

Lisa Dure

Morton East Fine Arts Lead Teacher